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China Starwin is the leading antenna manufacturer and speciallized in phased array antenna and Ka band satellite antenna, always provide cost &high effective solutions for Chinese and global satellite communication customers. China Starwin devote to the innovative engineering solutions by supplying next generation antennas:

1 uSat flat terminal

2 Ka band VSAT antenna

3 Portable flat antenna

4 Mobile satellite TV antenna

5 On The Move antenna

and conventional antennas:

1 Earth station antenna

2 TV receive antenna

3 Flyaway antenna

4 Drive away antenna

5 Maritime antenna

Thanks for 3S -Superiority Quality, Speed response, Tailor made service, China Starwin's products has gained world wide customers' recognition such as Europe(Germany, France, Russia, Greece, France, UK, Israel etc, USA, Mexico, Africa(South Africa, Sudan, Kenya, DRC, Seychelles, Tanzania, Mauritania, Middle East(Iran ,UAE etc), South America(Brazil, Peru ) Asia(Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Pakistan) etc.  And China Starwin will continue to devote to world Satellite communication industry, and let the whole world fall in love with the antennas made by China Starwin.


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